Terms & Conditions


Prices in quotes are not final and are subject to availability. We will send an invoice/confirmation form showing the confirmed services with the final price. Attempt to confirm any request will be made only upon receipt of a deposit . Some products may require higher deposit amounts. Deposit will be charged only when services are confirmed as per initial request. If services and prices are confirmed as requested and the client cancels there will be a cancellation fee for the booking.


Generally, final payment is due 30 days prior to date of departure. Bookings within 45 days of departure are subject to immediate payment following confirmation. All payments for bookings within 30 days of departure must be paid by bank wire transfer , bank draft, cheque or cash at our office only. Our office will advise when products require payment earlier. If a debit/ credit card is submitted by the client we are not responsible for any bank overdraft fees or any other charges that might be charged by your bank.


 Some airfares used for your tour itinerary may have to be ticketed by a date before your final payment for your package is due. For those, we must receive payment before we issue tickets.


 All hotel descriptions reflect the most updated information provided by the property at time of printing. Alar Travels cannot be held responsible for the condition of accommodations. There may be charges applicable for some amenities listed in these descriptions as free, and availability may vary by season. In these instances, Alar Travels is not responsible for any charges incurred by the traveler in utilizing such amenities and client agrees not to make Alar Travels responsible for the availability and/or accessibility of any and all facilities and services at time of stay. Client will notify any dissatisfaction with rooms or hotel facilities with the hotel’s management during the passenger’s stay and will not make Alar Travels responsible for the dissatisfaction. Hotels, at times, just like airlines, create overbooking conditions. In overbooking cases, compensation and arranging accommodations in another hotel is the responsibility of the hotel and passengers must negotiate all compensation with the hotel during the stay and not make Alar Travels responsible for any financial compensation due to the overbooking situation.

CHOICE OF LAW AND VENUE :    All questions of law in any action based upon any claim of breach of this agreement shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the Government of India as existing at the time of such action. Any action brought by either party based on any claim arising under or as a result of this contract or based on the tour package of which it is a part, shall be brought in a court of competent  jurisdiction in Agra, Utter Pradesh, India.